Long Time No See!

Just been busy. I started a Tumblr and had been posting over there, but I've been thinking that I should stick around here.

That being said, some news.

  • My Patreon page has been taken down and I've been modifying it. It will now reflect all the genre art I love to do: horror, science fiction and fantasy.  Will be up and running this coming Thursday, November 5th.
  • I have included a Mailing List sign up on my website! Stay up-to-date with news on art events/shows and when new prints and original art will be available. It'll be a once a month newsletter as I have no intention to spam y'all! 
  • As November 1st has come and gone - so has Self Portrait Day! And this year was my ninth year participating. Seeing all the different styles and faces of all who participated, again, was the BEST thing about this event. Go to: Self Portrait Day - November 1st (Facebook) to see everyone! Here's mine and here's all the Self Portrait Days I've done:  


Launched my Patreon!

FINALLY launched! After months of preparation. "Beguiling Beauties of Horror" art collection will be a reality - someday and hopefully, soon.


That's the link to the page. Check out the rewards; which I've kept in the $1 - $10 range per TWO weeks. Simple, straightforward, rewards.  And, wholly satisfying.

I hope you want to celebrate my favorite genre with me. Thats what I feel this Patreon is all about, mostly.


And now...sci fi art.

First piece of art of 2015! Decided to do something sci fi every day this year. I could use the practice!


Coming to the end of 2014...

Just been spending every morning and evening at the painting table (digital or other) - drawing/painting.  That's how I'd like to end 2014 and start 2015, too.



I've been seeing if this site, Freelancer.com would be useful in finding gigs.  I'm listed there.  So....know of work or anyone looking for a freelance illustrator - hook me up.

Hire Patricia Smith on Freelanced.com


Busy Busy Holiday

But if the Snow Queen and her horde of evil snowmen can take a moment to dance and enjoy the holidays, so can I.  (That's my official 2014 Christmas card - prints available on INPRNT)

Pray for snow!


Update: Kiva Zip Loan

A few days ago, I was informed that I became part of a Kiva Zip program:

"I'm now part of an incentive program with Kiva. Here's the deal -
•If I invite 25 total lenders who lend, Kiva will tweet about my loan and feature me on the Kiva Zip main page. 
•If I invite 35 total lenders who lend, Kiva will match any following loan up to $500 and send me a Kiva Zip t-shirt.
•If I invite 45 total lenders who lend, Kiva will send a marketing email to the Kiva Zip lender community about my loan."

As it stands now, I have three days left.  67 lenders and 45% raised.  There's still some hope that I will, through some sort of epic loan spree, raise all within the deadline (Nov. 12).  I've already been moving ahead with projects - and looking for more freelance work.  Another thing, on the casual side, looking for work in other states, even countries.  If I don't succeed here, I think that's a sign that I should look for more successful venues elsewhere.

Anyways, here's the invite link - and even if you can't loan, pass it on, maybe someone else can and thanks in advance.

Kiva Zip | Studio Smugbug invite link


Giving Thanks - Block 15 Brewing Co.'s next bottled beer....

Just finished...I may put together a process jpeg of sorts.  This was a very fun piece to paint up.  I inserted elements that I really love while being aware of "self edits" along the way.  In other words, I never stopped thinking of Jeffrey Catherine Jones' advice to artists, "don't get precious"...or something to that effect.