Update: Kiva Zip Loan

A few days ago, I was informed that I became part of a Kiva Zip program:

"I'm now part of an incentive program with Kiva. Here's the deal -
•If I invite 25 total lenders who lend, Kiva will tweet about my loan and feature me on the Kiva Zip main page. 
•If I invite 35 total lenders who lend, Kiva will match any following loan up to $500 and send me a Kiva Zip t-shirt.
•If I invite 45 total lenders who lend, Kiva will send a marketing email to the Kiva Zip lender community about my loan."

As it stands now, I have three days left.  67 lenders and 45% raised.  There's still some hope that I will, through some sort of epic loan spree, raise all within the deadline (Nov. 12).  I've already been moving ahead with projects - and looking for more freelance work.  Another thing, on the casual side, looking for work in other states, even countries.  If I don't succeed here, I think that's a sign that I should look for more successful venues elsewhere.

Anyways, here's the invite link - and even if you can't loan, pass it on, maybe someone else can and thanks in advance.

Kiva Zip | Studio Smugbug invite link

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