Threadless - "Fall of the Leaf" design!

Someone suggested I enter my "Fall of the Leaf" to Threadless for their "Fall Colors" challenge.  After tweaking it a bit to better fit a tshirt design, I did.  If you'd like (and I hope you do), to vote for it you can do so by two ways:  Look over to the right of this blog --> and you'll see a widget that will allow you to vote.  Or, go to this link:  Threadless-Fall of the Leaf

You may have to create an account if you've never been to Threadless before.  But I promise you, it's pain-free to do so and the end result (by voting) is WORTH IT!

I have two more designs in the works and will be submitting before the 16-day challenge ends.  So keep an eye out!

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