Kiva Zip Loan: Help Me Grow My Business!

Hello!  This is me in my wee studio.  I was in the middle of packing Etsy prints when this picture was taken.  I recently applied for the Kiva Zip Loan program.  And was accepted!

What is Kiva Zip?
• An organization that allows entrepreneurs to get 0% interest loans through crowd funding. Cool, eh?

• My loan request is for $5,000 with a 24-month repayment plan.

The specifics are:

• My loan is not public, yet.  I need to get 15-lenders within 15-days.  I'm providing a private link in the meantime.  Once I accrue the 15-lenders? It all goes public on the Kiva Zip website and I can, hopefully, attract more lenders.
•  Lenders can loan as little as $5.  Yes.  That's all.  And again, you get that money back.
• It's why I'm doing this. Lenders get their money back once the borrower begins repayment of the loan.
• The private link is: Kiva Zip - STUDIO SMUGBUG


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