Exotic pin--up...

I've been revisiting original artists who inspired me when I was a kid.  There are three.  Began with Frank Frazetta (of course), followed by Esteban Maroto and then Richard Corben.  Here, I'm beginning to do some pin ups and Esteban Maroto'd them up.  Here's one.

I'll have to do these in between the (art) work, but I'll finish them.  Am also finishing up the Women With Big Hair (and cats) that I began a while ago.


  1. Great Pin-up. I also had my mind blown when I was a kid by Frazetta, and Corben. Not familiar with Maroto. I was also really into space ships to Chris Foss was a big influence on me. I'm looking forward to more in the series.

  2. Esteban Maroto's work is fantastic! Highly recommended to check out. And yes: space ships. I was a big John Berkey fan!

    And thank you much for the kind words! I'm preparing for the Rose City Comic Con this September and combine that with commissions and projects, haven't been able to sit down and finish the series. Since I want to sell these as prints at RCCC, I'll be finishing them up in July/August!