Cyborg Squad!

This was for a virtual Happy Birthday wish for someone (Otto Schmidt, a fabulous artist) on Facebook.  Done quickly (an hour or two via a minute here and there in between doing work), yesterday - as it was his birthday!

Also, preparing for Emerald City Comic Con this coming weekend.  LOTS to do between now and early Friday AM.  After ECCC, it's Stumptown ComicFest in April.  Hopefully by then, I'll even have some sequential work to bring along.  And then AFTER that is Rose City Comic Con in September.  Both Stumptown and RCCC are in Portland, OR., btw.  I may even get a table at Artist Alley for RCCC.  Be so refreshing to actually sell things instead of *just* spending money.

And while I got through two weeks of an awful flu bug, it seems as of yesterday, I've got a bit of a cold!  Can't I get a break from all this sickness??!!  I haven't been able to stop sneezing nor sniffling for over 24-hours now.  Egads!  I think I need a hot toddy and hot lemon/honey tea.  STAT.

Until next time!

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