Landscape Study, Painter 12

Last week, I went back to an old friend, Painter.  The latest version, Painter 12 has been a tough nut to crack.  The oil brushes have been my favorite tools to use and well, in P12, they were vastly different than in Painter 11.  Made me very sad.  And made it hard to use (Painter 12).

But I missed using it and decided, what the hell, let's give it a go.  Then I discovered you can use the brushes in Painter 11 in 12.  Well, hot damn. I've set aside Photoshop and have been finishing up on a few commissions as well as doing some studies in P12.  Here's one that started in Photoshop, began bugging the crap out of me and I flattened the layers, moved it into Painter and finished it up in record time.  It's part of another project.

Some folks have had issues like crashing, in Painter 12.  I've yet to experience one issue.  But then, I've been regularly updating whenever updates are available.  Maybe that helps?  Nevertheless, no issues and it's actually been pretty fast.  The fun continues......

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