I paint dragons, kirins, griffins, unicorns - The Day Job.

Via my Facebook page, where I posted the hatchlings I had just painted that day:

"I've got this "day job", where I paint "fantasy sculptures" like dragons (various sorts), griffins, pegasus', unicorns.....bat cats (cats with bat wings), winged cats....you get the drift, eh? I get to conceptualize a color scheme and then execute. I base the schemes on anything from actual living things (snake/frog/lizard patterns) or something that captures my eye (cloud/sky colors, rust patterns, etc.). In this case, camouflage. And I get to airbrush; which before this job, I had nevuh evuh done before. These are hatching dragons (the left is the male - an emperor; the right is the female - an empress). They just got their eyes put in."

The website of the company of my "day job" - this is the "about" page: Windstone Editions
The page/gallery that features only what I've painted: Windstone Editions Products Gallery - eBay - Patricia Smith

As it notes:  I paint the eBay items.  The may be listed as "test paints", but they're mostly (if not entirely) one of a kind paint schemes.  So, the colors don't (or haven't) been moved on to regular or even, limited production.  Anywhoos, here's a tiny sampling of a few items I've painted....

Hatching Emperor Dragon in "Barn Swallow"

 Male Griffin in "Blue Ice"

 Male Unicorn in "Metallic Siamese"

 Male Dragon in "Russet Shadow"

 Curlie (little curled dragons), in "Tomato Garden"

Hatching Royal (Emperor on the left, Empress on the right) in "Camouflage"

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