Oooh, New Software!

A couple of days ago, I treated myself to Sketchbook Pro 6.  I had Sb Pro 2008, but that was good only on the old G5 Mac. New Mac, new stuff.  I've been itching to draw with a good old fashion pencil, too.  I've done so via "old school", but what's so great about Sb Pro 6, is that the pencil is UNBELIEVABLY like the a real wooden stick of a pencil.  I'm in love.

In between work, I've played about and here is the result.  First, the fantastic actor, Peter Dinklage.  I hope I've done him justice! Second, quick sketches of kitties.

I've decided to move some work I've been working on in Photoshop, into Sb Pro 6 and see what would happen if I resketched them. Stay tuned! :)

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