Strawberry Fields (Block 15 Brewery's next)

I've got a wine label/logo coming up.....soonish.  In the meantime, here's the latest for Block 15.  Strawberry Fields.  Did a lot of research on strawberry ale labels already out there.  Reason being, wanted to do something as different as possible.  What was/is out there is a lot of strawberries lying around...in bowls, on tables....in a field.

So, my strawberries are flying out atcha.  From a field with Mary's Peak overlooking the whole scene.  Sun yellow/lt yellow "rays of sunlight" are the background of the entire piece.  Each element is painted (save for the blue/yellow inside rims of the frame).  You know, I really need to sit down and learn Illustrator.  ;)

Currently working on the next Block 15 label art.....

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