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I just received word from the powers that be of the local, large and annual art/crafts event, The Fall Festival, that my application was "just shy" being accepted and alas, it was not.  But, I'm on a "wait list" so if there are any cancellations (in my media, mind you), I'm in.  There are usually cancellations and the "wait list" has been used many times in past Fall Festivals to fill in the gaps.

However, the alert more than likely will occur within a few weeks of the festival.  This all means:  *No matter if there's a cancellation:  I'm still not a definitive go.  *Even if I'm a "go", I won't know until just a few weeks out.  *That no matter what, I still need to spend the $$ and prepare accordingly for the Festival (such as:  get one of those canopies; purchase necessary festival/fair supplies; print/mat/frame whatever I'm going to sell, etc.)  <--and it's still not a definite that I'm in!

Oh, and yet another "no" from the local art scene for me.  The first was the Fall Festival Poster Art and not getting into the finals and now this.  From the same arts organization in the area!  I really believe it's high time I stop participating in the local art scene.  Focus on bigger fish and on improving my art.  One thing that is happening this week:  This Saturday, a high school student will be shadowing me for her "career shadow" assignment.  She wants to be an artist and work in digital.  She met me last year at the Fall Festival PixelCraft subshow (which I helped to organize) as I was demo'ing the Cintiq.  Looking forward to it! Molding young minds and all ;)

Meanwhile, working in Photoshop CS6, beta version.  And that will end today, as the beta will end.  Now, I need to upgrade my CS5 and I will!  Here are two pieces in WIP form, still.  Will finish the pin-up later today:

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