Lately, been seriously getting into painting/drawing landscapes and stuff that has to do with landscapes.  I've always loved drawing trees but hadn't done so in a long while.  With what I need to do for the brewery and the new vintner, all the research has taken me to landscapes.

This or a version of this, will eventually be on a beer bottle label.  Via Photoshop CS6 beta.  And boy, have I been playing around with PS CS6 beta.  And lovin' every single minute.   Much faster with a more streamlined UI than CS5.  Lots of great additional features that actually add to your productivity.

I use to wait a while before I upgraded PS.  It took me whatever time to upgrade from CS2 to CS5.  And even that was primarily due to getting a brand new iMac and not being able to use CS2 anymore.  Now? As soon as CS6 is released, I'm upgrading.  Even Bridge has been vastly improved.

Good job (for once), Adobe.

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