You can never do too many studies.

Some famous artist must have said this.  Well, it should have been said.  This week has gotten off to a slow start, art-wise.  While I'm working on a couple of projects (contests and paid work), today was a day where I just felt like I didn't have any direction.

I've been doing more studies of late - either as warm-ups or just a way to goof off when I needed a break - they've been REALLY helpful in getting the creative steam rolling.  Usually they are.  Today, not so much.  Painted up quite a bit of face/head studies today.  Here's a few.  A couple of them, I used reference; other than that.  No reference.  Just lighthearted painting and drawing.


  1. Really wonderful sketches - I live the flow of line on the bottom sketches very much. Excellent.