November 1: International Self-Portrait Day 2010

Since this is my fourth year participating, it's now officially, a tradition.  Hmmm, strike that, not so much a tradition, but an obsession.  Artists can never do too many self-portraits.  It's right up there in importance to figure study work, IMO.  You learn so much with self-portraits and no, I don't believe in the ridiculous notion of it making you self-centered.

ISP Day began in 2006 on ConceptArt.org.  There have been as many as 400 who participated and the goal is to always get as many artists to participate from all over the world.  No matter the number, it's always a blast to see how each artist perceives themselves.  It's also a nice method to measure growth; especially with those who participate every year.

Link to ISP Day 2010 thread:  http://www.conceptart.org/forums/showthread.php?t=199075

And my entry this year - I've included one of our many "kids", Kato.  She's our Umbrella Cockatoo.

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