Blog Mention: Escape from Illustration Island

I hate to just call this a "blog" - since it IS as it self-describes a place of "resources and community" for the creative.  And it's a fabulous one at that.  Their podcast, along with Sidebar Nation and Ninja Mountain Scrolls are often on (if not streaming a movie or two) while I work away.  Terrific source of inspiration and information at once.

Right now, I'm listening to their episode 43: interview with 3d artist, Liz Lomax.  Her webiste - http://www.lizlomax.com/, has some wonderful pieces on display like:

The podcast conversation talks a lot about her in school and finding a style to how she obtains work (and works with clients) and a good bit about contracts (something I can never hear enough of).  Anyways, good show - great site - by illustrators for illustrators.  How cool is that?

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