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Just finished watching Joe Strummer: The Future is Unwritten.  After all these years, I still adore the punk rock scene (from the 70s, btw; not the 90s attempts at rebooting), and find it such a shame that the current young generation doesn't even know who The Clash was/is or who Joe Strummer was.  Even The Ramones, X, Siouxsie Sioux, or that Sting was part of a group called The Police (true story: about 10-years ago, I was rummaging about in a local record/music store and I overheard a couple of guys talking.  One says, "wow, I didn't know Sting was in a band..." I looked over at the store owner and we both rolled our eyes, grinning).

Sad, you know? Now, I know being an artist I'm maybe just a bit more tuned in on the creative happenings about me, but in my opinion, music is such an integral part of so much about me.  It informs me; drives me; helps me wake up.  So something like music movements like: punk, new wave, grunge? They're kinda important.  Is it not that way anymore?

If it is indeed no longer that way?  Sad. Really sad.

As I sit hear (hahah, subliminal typo, eh?) writing this, I'm listening to The Clash.  This music is waking me the fuck up.  Right now.  It's working on my psyche more than the caffeine in this cup of coffee.

I found a web page with Joe Strummer quotes (the man was a thinker and not just his lyrics displayed this); here are couple worth passing on:

"And so now I'd like to say - people can change anything they want to. And that means everything in the world. People are running about following their little tracks - I am one of them. But we've all got to stop just following our own little mouse trail. People can do anything - this is something that I'm beginning to learn. People are out there doing bad things to each other. That's because they've been dehumanised. It's time to take the humanity back into the center of the ring and follow that for a time. Greed, it ain't going anywhere. They should have that in a big billboard across Times Square. Without people you're nothing. That's my spiel." 
"Nothing in the world can take the place of Persistance. Talent will not. There is nothing more common then unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not. Unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not. The world if full of educated derelicts. Persistence and Determination alone are Omnipotent. " 

"People can change anything they want to, and that means everything in the world. " 

Link: http://www.goodreads.com/author/quotes/523748.Joe_Strummer

Now go off and revitalize yourself with some good music.

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