Beautiful Grim Charity Art Auction - 1 day left!

Clock is ticking for anyone to bid on some fabulous art and for a beautiful cause.  The first wave of art has been up and there is only 1-day and a few hours left.....go, now.

eBay: Beautiful Grim Charity Art Auction page


List of artists in this first wave:
Matt Stewart
Ruel Pascual
Pierre Perifel
Fabio Lignini
James Baxter
Nico Marlet
Richard Smith
Steven Belledin
Gabriele Pennacchioli
Lisa Mistiuk 12
Marcos Shih
James Schneider
Anthony Rivero
Audrey Holland
Kevan Shorey
Xiau-Fong Wee
Julie Zarate 12
Randy Gallegos
Nancy Coviello
Glenn Arthur
Soutchay Soungpradith
Kim Gilbert
Vanessa Zuloaga
Chuck Lukacs
Steve Javiel
Daniel Dociu
Ben Jelter
Lindsey Messecar 
Leif Jeffers
Matthew Buck

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