Yeah, tweaked....

I've got a lot of art to post....soon.  Working on a few simultaneously ever since I've been back from WonderCon; which was AWEsome. Loads more fun (and relaxing) than SDCC; however, one issue - the portfolio review could be more efficient.  There were no sign up sheets so that meant you had to stay there until it was all over.  Not good when you want to get your ass down to the main floor to network.

However, I rec'd a great portfolio review by Bob Shreck of IDW Publishing.  Got to talk to/with Geoff Darrow (I'm still reeling from that, too!  He's a art hero of mine), hang out with Nelson Blake II (great guy and artist) for a bit and generally had a great creative time.

LOVE San Francisco, too.  There is a lot more to do near to the convention than SDCC.  So if you're like my boyfriend, you can spend time wandering about the city rather than hole up in the convention. Have I ever mentioned that San Francisco is the place of my birth?  Well, it is.  Also, my mom and grandfather use to own three Chinese theaters in Chinatown.  I have many a fond memory of spending very close to my entire summer as a young girl in any of these theaters watching scores of wu xia movies.

Sadly, we looked for any of these theaters and could not find a sign of even one.  All that history gone.  sigh.

But we ate plenty of GREAT food: Italian one night and dim sum on Sunday.  Is it a sure bet we'll be going back to next year's WonderCon?  Hell, yes.


  1. Cool nice figure, good anatomy, I like the character too