Thank god for technology! If anything, it's opened the world up for us artistic types. Brought us closer; provided inspiration from the far corners of the world via our monitors and lately, our sound speakers. Another side benefit have been all the podcasts available now for your kick-in-the-creative-pants listening pleasure.

One such podcast and one that outshines many of the others would be SiDEBAR. There's over 120 episodes of pure, exciting, art inspiration right thar. I'm listening to their talk with Sam Weber (http://sampaints.com/ ). Take a look at his work if you're not at all familiar with it. Amazing. Next up, is James Gurney; whose incredible blog, Gurney's Journey I follow/read regularly.

Podcasts such as SiDEBAR are so helpful for me in maintaining that focus. While I toil away at the bookstore, it can seem...oh, I don't know..so futile in my future of being an artist. All I have to do is slip on my earphones during my breaks, turn up the SiDEBAR and that steely resolve is reinvigorated. It's often that simple - but this podcast is somethin' special. Both Dwight and Swain (the hosts of SiDEBAR) have that ability - they ask just the right questions and talk about the right stuff.

So what you waitin' for? Plug it in!

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