Line'n up for a vaccinashunnnn

Hopefully, today I get a H1N1 vaccination and next week, I rec'v the seasonal flu shot. I'll be all ready for the season. Seeing I'm a one of them heavy breathing asthma sufferers - I need them both. However, my asthma hasn't been that much of an issue for the last couple of years - but lately has been rearing it's ugly head.

Hence, the shots.

And tonight is another night of an Art All-Nighter. Have a LOT of work I need to complete THIS WEEKEND. Because next week brings another round of ART. Commissions are coming in (thankfully) lately. A possibility of a group art show and I've begun working on my own art show for February.

The bookstore is getting in the way; along with employees at the bookstore who want hours, but don't want to work them - leaving me, dependable one, to cover for them. That leaves me with less hours to work on art. Another thing - house. Big house with critters and lots of work around here that needs to be done.

A 34 or 38 hour day would be awesome. Or just a damn vacation to some tropical island with a bar.

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