Swamped. With increasing hours at the bookstore and several art projects - some with no real deadline (yet) and a couple of really d-lined ones (comic cover being one) that are one day away of being completed and done - so tomorrow does provide a light at the end of THAT tunnel.

I'm tired. I need a real break. At least from the bookstore thing so that I can just sit my ass down here in the safety of the studio and do art. Lots of art.

Got an art show in February. Would love to take on a project involving a children's menu complete with kittens and bunnies. I may just go ahead and do that one up anyways - who needs sleep?

By any means I am no big freelancer now - but am wondering what I could be really doing if I didn't have this part-time gig constantly tugging me away from the drawing table.

That's the rant of this morning. Hope you enjoyed it.


  1. OK, now have a kid...Just kidding Hang in there, the freelancers life is not for the faint of heart.And your work is amazing, I want to see as much as I can.

  2. Been wanting to thank you for your comment! And thanks for the compliment! It is indeed a grand one coming from you!