Know what? TEENGS. Lots of TEENGS.

I'm in a real....mood. Not sure what type - or if it's one specific type of "mood" - but maybe a mixture of stuff going on in my brain at the moment.

Frustration (creative, social, political), anxiety (creative, social, professional), somewhat positive (creative, professional, political) and heightened by a twist of hopeful (all). Oh, there's a bit of exhaustion in there, too.

So to deal with it ALL, I've decided to post something per day every damn day here, in this blog. It's going to be either a sketch, finished work, a page of handwritten someTEENG or digitally doodled someTEENG. A prophetic quoteTEENG. AnyTEENG.

But I'll post it. In this blog. And maybe that'll break me out of this TEENG that's eating away at me.

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