Good Stuff: Inaugurations, ConceptArt Workshops and Comic-Con

Lots of it going on this past week, eh? First of all, Tuesday. January 20, 2009. The Inauguration of our 44th President, Barack Obama. The morning started with me awaking at 6AM and turning on C-SPAN as they had already begun coverage. An hour later, MSNBC began and from there it was toggling between the networks as I just could.not.take.the. incessant. yapping by both Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann.

Matthews won by a landslide as the most annoying between the two. Chuck Todd, Bob Shrum and Pat Buchanan belong in the, Why The HELL Are They EVER On TV category. In short, THANK GOD for C-SPAN.

Ko brought in a bottle of sparkling cider just as the swearing-in were beginning. I already had tears streaming down my face. Tried all my might to not cry, but seeing the Obamas at the White House steps (as they were being greeted by the outgoing occupants, George and Laura) broke open the dam. From there on, I was a joyful mess.

Seeing adults about ready to run our country does that to me, you know. That day, I was damn proud of my country and I still am. A great day.

Later, a bottle of champagne and we watched the festivities (inaugural balls) being covered as we sipped merrily away. Can't believe that day actually happened. But the next day, our new President did a whole buncha stuff that began restoring our country's standings in the world. And not one moment of clearing brush. Astounding, eh?

Last January (first weekend, btw), I was lucky to attend the Massive Black/Concept Art Revelations workshop in Seattle. I think I may have mentioned that here - I think. It was an incredible boost to my creative energies. One that I desperately needed. As I need one now (again), ConceptArt announced a couple of weeks ago that another workshop in Dallas has been scheduled for the last weekend of March 2009. And I intend on going.

I'll be much better prepared for this one. Plan on taking enough sketchbooks and make sure I have them at the workshop for notes AND sketching. Last time, I was constantly tied to my lappie and that made me miss out on a LOT of the incredible tutorials going on. Must.stay.focused. <---seriously. Must remember that. With that in mind, this means I've crossed out Comic-Con this year. It's expensive and well, I don't think it pays for all the reasons I go and all the expenses I have to pay for while there. So BIG NO to CCI 2009.

A big possibility is for WonderCon February 2010. That way I can still network with other pros and publishers. And in a less insane setting than CCI. Next step would be to also utilize the amazing networking possibilities that the net holds. I haven't done that, yet. I need to build my own website/online portfolio. I really need to brand myself.

I also really need to draw. I'll get to that now and promise I'll be posting art in a few days.

ETA: If you'd like to see a good summation of just what President Obama has done so far: http://www.dailykos.com/story/2009/1/24/162119/652/964/688564 <---contains links for further reference.

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