Tattoo Punk

This is a "I Need to Paint in Painter, So I Whipped This Up". Been so busy volunteering and doing things like registering voters (deadline for Oregon is tomorrow, Tuesday Oct. 14), canvassing and phone banking and haven't had time to draw. I've been reading; which is refreshing, but haven't sat down to draw nor paint.

I've resigned to the idea that I won't have a whole lotta time to do that until AFTER November 4th. However I have a kids menu to draw up (local restaurant). Sigh. Gotta get my ass in gear for that.

As for this thing? It's a WIP. I think I may add more tats and whatever else I need to play around - I also have a few more drawings to add. Been drawing a LOT in Sketchbook Pro lately. As a matter of fact, this started out as a quickie sketch in SBPro.

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