Fun with Pulling Cars...

Back in the time when I was a strongwoman. Every other Sunday was car pulling day. This is 126-lbs of me pulling that thing. Up a slight incline no less.

And yes, this is my idea of fun. You know, I haven't used our car pulling harness in a LONG while. It's time I got that out and went to (car pulling) town.


Note: Saturday, my SO and I spent a day at the shooting range for a Basic Handgun: Safety and Use workshop. Began at 8:30AM and ran until 5PM. Taught by a Linn County Sheriff Deputy. We went out to the range to shoot from 1pm to 3pm. Damn cool. So that makes it official: I'm a Pistol Packing Progressive ™. A Gun Totin' Liberal ™. Both me and my SO.

This was so we could both obtain our Concealed Handgun Permit. That's the next step.

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