SDCC 08: I came, I saw, I networked, I am tired

Man oh man. San. Diego. Comic. Con. International. 2008.

It's over. And now? I'm contacting all the fine folks who gave me a business card; of utmost importance are the folks with "art director" under their name.

It was pretty crazy but at the same time, on the main hall floor especially, a tad anti-climactic. Where were all the extra-gigantic-geenormous film studio booths? Weren't they suppose to be BIGGER than last year's? They weren't. But then, I did totally miss "Watchmen" Nightowl ship. Dammit. But I did see Sarah Silverman, the cast of Dexter, Thomas Jane and various other film people walking about. That was kewl - it was like, 'hey, they're real people" kinda moments.

I also got to meet lots of artists whose work I admire. That was and is always the coolest part of this con. The creatives; the talent. The reason I'm there. Alberto Ruiz. Shelly Wan. Adam Hughes. Aaron Lopresti. Terry Dodson. Cully Hamner. Jon Foster. Gregory Manchess. Dan Dos Santos. Oh, and so many others - I met the guys behind CreatureBox; bought their sketchbook and even won a Autodesk Sketchbook Pro 2009 software from them!

Picked up a lot of inspirational art that will be given quite a lot of mileage beyond next year's con.

After catching up on sleep and movies (bought some DVDs while I was there, too) - I'm back at it. I'm fired up. The creative monster inside of me is crawling out and demanding to be fed and to feed and to be allowed to play. To create.

Grrrrrrrrrr.....until SDCC 2009!

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  1. I'm just online again after a move. Sorry I missed you at the con. Alberto said you came by 5 minutes before I got back! Thanks for the comments on my blog!